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The Magnetic Acoustic Gauss Infuser (M.A.G.I)


Healing Properties:

The M.A.G.I. is a unique and revolutionary device that incorporates both the 432 Hertz family of electromagnetic frequencies, with high strength static magnetic fields, to create a defence against harmful EMF pollution. The resonance from your M.A.G.I. neutralizes harmful electromagnetic waves in your environment, such as Radio Frequency (RF), millimetre waves, WiFi, and more.  In our modern world, we are constantly surrounded by these man-made EMF pollutants. The M.A.G.I. offers a solution, created by specialists in the scientific field, to combat this problem. The M.A.G.I. has also been found to help reduce bodily pain and inflammation and promote better oxygen flow. Place your M.A.G.I. on your lower back to activate, This spot is connected to your vagus nerve which wanders throughout your entire body!