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The Clarity Crystal Bar Story

Rough Rose Quartz in Wooden Bowl on Dark Background with Green LeavesWhy we are here

We are here to help you feel your best by harnessing the powers of crystals. We are committed to demystifying crystals to make them accessible to everyone - even if you know nothing of crystals. 

We believe that everyone can benefit from crystals, whether its for improving wellness, protection, as unique gifts that have special meanings or further connecting two people. At Clarity Crystal Bar, we are on a mission to share the beauty, and benefits of crystals with the world.  

Our Story

After a trip to Europe, Sarah Appelt realized there was more to crystals than just their beauty. Crystals have a long history of being used in healing, as well as being integral to spiritual practices. However, Sarah soon discovered that crystals were all around her in calculators, watches, and computer screens.

Realizing that crystals, like diamonds, require knowledge and education, in order to have the best experience, Sarah Appelt, began the journey to bring education into a crystal store.
With her extensive background in retail, she knew she wanted to provide the best customer experience possible. This coupled with the desire to provide accurate education about the crystals and their uses lead to the development of the Clarity Crystal Bar.

The Clarity Crystal Bar is your destination for quality healing crystals and metaphysical products, and education about the best way to use your new (& old!) crystals.

We can’t wait to come alongside you on this crystal journey!