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Crystal Types & Properties

This guide talks about each crystal type that we have and their respective meanings and properties. Each crystal has unique abilities that can help with wellness, or protection. 

We organize our crystals based on the intention that the crystal supports the most so you will find this guide divided up into crystals for balance, calming, happiness, inspiration, love, abundance, and protection. 

Many times a crystal type can be used in more than one way, and contributes to more than one intention. We have organized them this way to help navigate the confusing information out there.


Drawing of Red Agate Crystal
Drawn Pink Fancy Agate Crystal
Hand Drawn Moss Agate Crystal

Red Agate

Stability, grounding and supportive energy. Boosts balance.

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 Fancy Agate

Peace and support. Provides stability and grounding. Protect against negative energy.

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Moss Agate 

Helps manifest your goals and feel grounded. Supports long-lasting endurance.

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Hand Drawn Sketch of Petrified Wood Crystal


Hand Sketch of Red Jasper Crystal

Petrified Wood

Calms fears, grounds you, and fills you with stability and security.


Red Jasper 

Protection, stability and responsibility. Great for balancing emotions and energies.

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hand drawn sketch of amazonite crsytal hand drawn image of hematite Hand drawn sketch of fluorite crystal


Excellent manifestation tool. Helps release toxic emotions. Reduces stress.



Grounding and protective. Clears feelings of anxiety,  and stress. Absorbs negative energy.

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Brings peace. Clears negative energy. Helps decision making and inspires mental clarity.

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hand drawn angelite crystal


hand drawn Prehnite crystal


hand drawn blue lace agate crystal


Improves spirituality. Provides a peaceful and calming energy.      

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Spirituality, protection and  peace. Relieves restlessness and  brings calming energy.


Blue Lace Agate

Stress Relief. Soothes overactive mind and calms nerves. Clears toxic vibes.

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Hand sketch of citrine crystal hand sketch amethyst crystal hand sketch of Howlite crystal


Radiates positivity and joy. Supports manifestation. Boosts motivation and perseverance.

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Relieves stress. Stability, peace and inner strength. Prosperity and joy.

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Increases patience. Relieves stress and brings calmness. Helps to reduce anger.

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hand sketch of Rhodonite crystal

hand sketch of Unakite crystal


Rebalances energy and promotes relaxation. Creates harmony and well-being.

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Mood lifter. Helps you let go of the past, while gaining insight to guide your future.

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hand drawn sketch of Carnelian crystal hand drawn sketch of Sodalite crystal hand drawn lapis lazuli crystal


Increases energy, creativity and luck. Attracts success and helps achieve goals 

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Boosts inspiration and your intuition. Supports feelings of harmony and balance.

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Lapis Lazuli

Connects to your inner wisdom. Boosts your confidence. Releases tension.

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hand drawn Chrysocolla crystal


hand drawn image of moonstone crystal


hand drawn image of sunstone crystal


Inspires new beginnings.Boosts clear communication and self-expression. Purifies energy fields. Calms emotions.



Unlock inner Goddess. Connect to inner feelings. Increased intuition. Clears negative energy. Feminine stone. 

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Encourages confidence, and creativity. Reduces self-doubt. Supports leadership and sensuality. 

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hand drawn crystal quartz

Hand drawn image of morganite hand drawn picture of rose quartz

Crystal Quartz

The power stone! Purify, harmonize, heal and balance. Energize and uplift.

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Attracts and maintains love. Encourages consideration. Opens heart to love.

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Rose Quartz

Gives and receives unconditional love. Gentle, forgiving, and compassionate.

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hand drawn green aventurine crystal hand drawn jade crystal hand drawn image of pyrite

Green Aventurine

Attracts prosperity and absorbs negative energy. Boosts feelings of optimism.

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Helps to visualize big picture. Supports long-term prosperity. Opens heart to wisdom.

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Attracts prosperity. Energizes your space. Protects and shields you from negativity.

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hand drawn Labradorite crystal


hand drawn Kyrite crystal


Helps to achieve goals, realize dreams and ideas. Attracts power and brings transformation

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Encourages self-expression. Increase positive energy. Opens throat chakra.



hand drawn obsidian crystal hand drawn smoky quartz crystal hand drawn selenite crystal


Powerful protective stone. Reveals hidden talents and brings success.

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Smoky Quartz

Release your negative emotions. Purifies environment. Powerful cleanser and detoxifier.

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Ward off toxic energy. Unblocks stagnant energy. Cleanses and amplifies other crystals.

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hand drawn tiger's eye crystal


hand drawn Tourmaline crystal


hand drawn Turquoise crystal

Tiger's Eye

Powerful protector. Improves the ability to focus on an objective. Can bring good luck.

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Clears negative energy. Shields you from negative/excess energy. 



Provides spiritual healing. Protection from negative forces. Master healer.  

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hand drawn image of Shungite crystal


Protects from EMF. Purification and detoxification of the mind, body and spirit. Grounding.

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