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Love Garnet Set


Need a Valentine's Day or 'just because' gift? Look no further!

This beautiful Love Garnet Jewellery Set is as dreamy as it sounds. It features 2 pieces, including Garnet Faceted Drop Earrings & a 4mm Garnet Stretch Bracelet.

Valued at $60, but yours for just $49.99! Don't miss this special offer! ♥︎

Garnet Crystal Meaning & Properties:

This regenerating and energizing protection stone has been utilized for centuries. It was once carried as a protective talisman, and was believed to prevent and warn from impending danger. Known for its regenerating properties, garnet also promotes balance and strength in those who possess it. It has powerful healing properties as well, which help to control energy flow for a better balance of the physical, emotional, and intellectual elements.

Garnet helps release inhibitions and taboos to bolster self-confidence and open the heart to new possibilities.

Red garnet gemstones specifically are useful for psychic protection and spiritual healing; it brings empowering energy to foster emotional and spiritual strength. Revitalization is one of the physical healing properties of garnet. It can purify and detoxify your aura and environment. It benefits the chakras with cleansing and regenerating properties.