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Howlite Skull 2"


Size: 2"
Style: Skull
Type: Howlite

*Please note that due to the uniqueness of any crystal it may differ slightly in size and look.  Also, any indents or imperfections are natural to the stone and not due to damage*

This stunning, beautiful and mesmerizing Howlite Skulls are carved from the measurements of Davinci's Vitruvian Man and are stunning to look at in our Clarity Crystal Bar!

Crystal Meaning:

With the help of this Happiness Crystal, worry not, and ease into a calmer state of mind with the help of these stones. Through a process called acupressure, rubbing the stones between your fingers or palms stimulate numerous nerve endings. These points are called pressure points and connect to meridians within our bodies which can stimulate aspects of the brain. Endorphins release creating a naturally calming and euphoric effect. Howlite displays the beauty of light captured in form. This stone can assist you with maintaining balance to overcome your fears.