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Angelite Angel Tower


Size: 1.5-1.75"
Style: Angel 
Type: Angelite

*Please note that due to the uniqueness of any crystal it may differ slightly in size and look.  Also, any indents or imperfections are natural to the stone and not due to damage*

Crystal Meaning:

With the help of this Calming Crystal, Angelite allows you to have a conversation with an angel if it so pleases you. The beautiful angels are standing beside us, walking with us, and if you'd like to get to know one further you may communicate with the angelic beings. Communicate with clarity, become aware of the higher frequencies within oneself. Transform, allowing the grace of light to flow freely.

Healing Properties:

In general, Angelite provides protection of the body and environment. It also helps to balance the physical body with the etheric realm.

Energetically, Angelite helps to induce telepathic communication, out-of-body journeys, and overall heightened perception. This is a Healer’s stone that provides deeper attunement.

Emotionally, Angelite induces feelings of peace. It promotes a sense of unity with compassion for and acceptance of others.

Mentally/Psychologically, Angelite provides deeper mental awareness. It also provides assistance in speaking the truth.

Physically, Angelite is known to benefit the following: Arms, Throat, Lungs, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Tissue, Blood Vessels, Inflammation, and Sunburn. It is a Diuretic that regulates bodily fluids and helps with weight control. When placed on the feet, it unblocks meridians (subtle energy channels just beneath the skin that contain acupressure points.)

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