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Brighten The Day With Citrine! Bring happiness and boost your energy!

Posted on November 23 2020

Crystal Meaning:

With the help of this Happiness Crystal, we can reduce stress and live a much happier life. Citrine is a cheerful crystal that brings the radiance of the sun into our energy field, promoting carefree, courageous feelings that improve our confidence and motivation, help us go with the flow and manifest our dreams. It brings a strong sense of vitality and attracts positivity to us. Citrine is one of the most thought of crystals when one is looking for happiness. 
Crystal Properties:

Citrine is believed to be a valuable tool in healing the spiritual self. It is a powerful cleanser and generator, it also carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration, and self-improvement. Carrying the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming sadness, despair, and fears.  

Citrine is also known as "The Merchant Stone" or "The Success Stone." In fact, if your intention involves achieving success in financial or business ventures, this is one of the best stones for promoting those manifestations. The Citrine crystal stone meaning is also linked with boosting joy and optimism, which gives you the motivation you need to accomplish your goals. 

Combine Crystals:

Citrine also works in synergy with other crystals, which can provide you with a powerful combination of radiant energy. If you're looking to boost your personal drive and motivation, combine Citrine with red gemstones like Red Jasper or Garnet. Of course success in business or life is the direct result of hard work, but without enough energy and focus, it can be difficult to do all that it takes to follow through with your intentions. 

Crystal Uses:

With our new Citrine keychains and gorgeous Citrine jewellery, you can always carry this powerful Happiness crystal with you. We also offer Organic Citrine Crystal Infused Essential Oil to promote abundance. 

Our beautiful and mesmerizing Citrine crystals are carved and polished in the perfect shape to be placed on display to improve the energy of the room, or used during a meditation session.

Citrine stones are stunning to look at and we love to decorate with them at Clarity Crystal Bar to bring joy and beauty to the space!

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