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5 Crystals for Better Sleep - Create a calming space with these crystals ⟡

Posted on October 10 2020


This stone is known to calm tempers and slow down a racing mind. It can also promote calmer communication. Howlite has a soothing energy that helps alleviate stress and aid insomnia. Use this crystal in combination with lepidolite for a powerful source of energy healing. Promote positivity in your life, while soothing nerves, and calming the mind. Remedy difficulty sleeping by placing howlite under your pillow to tap into the relaxing energy it provides.


Amethyst promotes restful and deep sleep. It is highly purifying to the aura and attunes your brain waves to a calming frequency. It connects you to your intuition and subconscious. Surround yourself with calming and healing energy by having amethyst in your bedroom, on your nightstand, or under your pillow. Placing it under your pillow can amplify its effects.


Moonstone reduces emotional tension which allows the body to fall asleep more easily. Its name is certainly fitting for a crystal that promotes sleep. Combining moonstone and tourmaline crystals creates a grounding element to calm the body and promote a more sound sleep.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a feel good crystal that creates loving energy and protects the heart. It can help you absorb loving and healing energy, promoting calmness. It will help you sleep soundly and peacefully in positive and loving energy.


Having a combination of crystals for your night time routine is beneficial, but if you are only picking up one crystal, make it lepidolite. It is known to calm overactive minds, ease feelings of stress, and create a sense of security. It also has the ability to help you access a peaceful dream state during sleep.



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